There are several good reasons as follows to use our consulting service when preparing your BOI application:

  • We can give you a free opinion up front whether your intended business activities qualify for BOI privileges;
  • We can advise you on whether you should apply for BOI privileges for take advantage of other investment schemes such as Free Trade Zones (FTZ) and Industrial Estates (IEAT);
  • We can advise you on the various aspects of the customs, tax and legal privileges that are granted to approved BOI applicants;
  • BOI procedures can be lengthy and we will expedite your application to make sure it is processed as quickly as possible;
  • Dealing with the BOI officers can sometimes be a hassle for a foreigner to deal with and we provide fluent English and Thai speaking staff to conveniently represent your business at the BOI; and
  • We provide a one stop service in we can assist you with applying for work permits for foreign employees, contracts, accounting and tax compliance matters as well.

Our BOI application service includes the following:

  • Free initial opinion whether your project qualifies for BOI privileges;
  • Prepare the BOI application;
  • Filing the application with the BOI;
  • Communications with the BOI;
  • Accompanying the representatives in meetings with the BOI;
  • Make presentations to the BOI in regards to the business plan;
  • Follow up the application with the BOI officers;
  • Submit any additional information or documents requested by the BOI;
  • Receive a notification of approval;
  • Submit promotion acceptance form;
  • Submit required documents for the issuance of the BOI certificate;
  • Receive the BOI certificate; and
  • Provide an English translation of the BOI certificate.